All Seasons® All Seasons® Conc All Seasons® RTU Aluminum Sulfate - Garden Rich® Annual™ Grub Beater Annual® Tree & Shrub Ant Killer Granules Ant, Flea & Tick Killer Granules Auto Mix Hose End Sprayer
Bailey's Color me Pink or Blue® Bat Magic Bedbug Killer RTU Bon-Neem II® RTU Brush Killer BK-32 Bug & Slug Killer Bug Beater® Stink Bug Trap BurnOut® BurnOut® Formula II SUPER Concentrate
Captain Jacks® Captan® Fruit & Ornamental Chickweed, Clover & Oxalis Killer Chipmunk, Squirrel & Rodent Repellent Citrus, Fruit, & Nut Orchard Spray Colorado Potato Beetle Beater Compost Maker - Garden Rich® Copper Fungicide Copper Fungicide Spray or Dust Crabgrass & Weed Preventer Crabgrass Plus (DuraTurf) Crabgrass Preventer (Phase 1) Cyper Eight®
DE Diatomaceous Earth Dense Shade Grass Seed Dragoon Dust with copper Dual Action Bedbug Killer Aerosol Dual Action Bedbug Killer RTU Dual Action Bedbug Room Fogger Duster Applicator
Eight® Concentrate Eight® Garden & Home RTU Eight® Garden Dust Eight® Granules Eight® Insect Control (Houseplant) Eight® Soil Insect Granules Eight® Yard & Garden RTS
Fish Fertilizer- -Garden Rich® Flea Beater® Flea & Tick Yard Spray Flea Beater® for Pets Flea Beater®-7 Carpet & Upholstery Aerosol Flea Beater®-7 Carpet & Upholstery Powder Flea Beater®-7 Flea & Roach Insect Spray Fog RX­™ Insect Fogger Fruit Tree & Plant Guard® Fruit Tree Spray Concentrate Full Sun Grass Seed Fung-onil® Concentrate Fungonil® RTU
Garden Dust GO AWAY!™ Rabbit/Dog & Cat Repellent Granules Go AWAY!™ Scent-inal® Deer Repellent GO AWAY™ Deer & Rabbit Repellent Granules GO AWAY™ Deer & Rabbit Repellent RTU GopherMAX® Mole & Gopher Repellent Grass Beater® Ground Force® Vegetation Killer
Heat & Drought Grass Seed High Traffic Grass Seed Home Safe™ Brand Hot Pepper Wax® Animal Repellent Household Insect Control Household Room Fogger Hydrated Lime
INFUSE® Conc INFUSE® Lawn & Landscape Granules Infuse® RTS Insect & Feed (Phase 3) Insect & Grub Control (DuraTurf) Insecticidal Soap Insecticidal SUPER Soap RTU
Japanese Beetle Killer Japanese Beetle Trap Beetle Bagger®
KleenUp® KleenUP® 365
Lawn Seed Starter Lawn Weed Killer (DuraTurf) Liquid Copper Fungicide Concentrate Liquid Copper Fungicide RTS Liquid Copper Fungicide RTU Liquid Iron - Garden Rich®
Maize Weed Preventer Malathion® Mancozeb® Concentrate Flowable Measuring Cups Mite-X® MoleMax® Granules MoleMax® Sonic Spike Repellers MOSQUITO BEATER® Flying Insect Fog Mosquito Beater® Granules Mosquito Beater® Repellent RTS Mosquito Beater® RTS Mosquito Beater® WSP­ Mosquito Beater® Yard Fog MOSSMAX® Granules MOSSMAX® Ready To Spray Mouse Magic®
Neem Oil
Pasture Mix Plant Starter Solution - Garden Rich® Poison Oak & Ivy Killer Premium Lawn Food Pruning Sealer - Garden Rich® Pump & Spray Applicator Pyrethrin Garden Insect Spray
Quick Grow Grass Seed
Rat Magic® Rodent Repellent Rat Magic® Scent Packs Repels-All® Revenge® Ant Bait Granules Revenge® Ant Bait Stations Revenge® Ant Killer Dust Revenge® Ant Killer Granules Revenge® Baited Glue Trays Revenge® Barn & Stable Fly Spray Revenge® DUST-ON™ Revenge® Equine Fly Spray Revenge® EZ-Set Traps Revenge® Fly Catchers Revenge® Fly Reels Mounting Hardware Revenge® Fly Reels Tape Revenge® Fly Sticks Revenge® Fly Swatters Revenge® Gopher Trap Revenge® Horse & Stable Fly Spray Revenge® Jumbo Fly Catchers Revenge® Mole Trap Revenge® Moletox® Mole & Gopher Killer Revenge® Moth Traps Revenge® Pest Traps Revenge® POUR-ON­­™ Revenge® Smoke Bombs Revenge® Snap Traps Revenge® Window Fly Catchers Revitalize® Bio Fungicide Conc Revitalize® Bio Fungicide RTU Roach Powder Root & Grow® Root Stimulator - Garden Rich@ Rose Rx® 3-in-1 Rose Rx® Systemic Drench Rose Shield® Rot-Stop® Tomato Blossom End Rot
Sedge Ender RTS Sedge Ender® Conc Sedge Ender® RTU Slug Magic® Snake Stopper® Snake Repellent Soil PH Meter Spider & Ground Bee Killer Spider Killer RTU Stump & Vine Killer Stump-Out® Sucker Punch® Sulfur Plant Fungicide Dust Sun & Shade Grass Seed Systemic Granules Systemic Insect Control Conc Systemic Insect Houseplant Control Systemic Insect Spray RTS Systemic Rose & Flower
Termite & Carpenter Ant Killer (Aerosol) Termite & Carpenter Ant Killer Concentrate Termite & Carpenter Ant RTU Thuricide (BT) Liquid Thuricide BT RTU Tomato & Vegetable Tomato - Blossom Set Spray Total Pest Control, Indoor Total Release Flea Fogger Triple Play Grass Seed Triple Super Phosphate - Garden Rich® Turbo Spreader Sticker Turf Turbo (DuraTurf)
Wasp & Hornet Killer Wasp, Hornet & Yellow Jacket (Stinger) Weed & Feed (Phase 2) Weed & Feed RTS Weed Beater Complete™ Weed Beater® Fe Conc Weed Beater® Fe RTU Weed Beater® Lawn Weed Killer Weed Beater® Plus Weed Beater® ULTRA Wilt Stop X-mas Tree & Wreath WILT STOP™ Plant Protector Winterizer (Phase 4)