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Foliar Nematodes

Foliar Nematodes
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Like all other nematodes is a non-segmented roundworm. Can remain on the outside of the plant or can force its way into leaf and stem tissue. Wetness on the stems and leaves provides an excellent environment for their movement. Symptoms are yellow, brown to purple to black wet-looking areas on leaves, yellowing, reddening, or bronzing of leaves, not limited following the shape made by the leaf veins, small, sunken areas on the undersides of leaves, Chlorosis that looks similar to an iron deficiency and death of leaves that remain attached to the plant.
Some insecticides have been known to suppress the spread of foliar nematodes and can reduce the nematode population, none are known to totally eliminate foliar nematode from an infected plant. In some cases, the rate of insecticide necessary to suppress this nematode is phytotoxic to the plant.
If found discard infected plants, no overhead watering and try to space plants so that any splashing during watering is minimized and plant surfaces dry quickly.