Kitchen and Pantry Pests

Rice Weevil

Sitophilus oryzae

Rice Weevil
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The rice weevil (Sitophilus oryzae) is a serious stored product pest which attacks several economically important crops, including wheat, rice, and maize.

As the name implies, they like rice. However, rice weevils can be found eating just about anything in the home. More common food stuff they like include seeds of all types, dried beans, cotton, nuts, cereal, any wheat product, corn, flour, pasta, bread and other grain products found in any home. But their tastes don't end in the pantry. Rice Weevils will readily feed on cotton fabric found in furniture and clothing. Since they love dried flowers and plants, decorative ornaments found in the home such are wreathes and dried flower arrangements can harbor and feed local populations. It is not uncommon to find them living in or on Christmas ornaments, dried flower collections and stored clothing. Furthermore, adults love apples, pears, grapes and other fruits found in and around homes. Since they are great flyers, it is not uncommon for them to fly their way into any home hot on the scent of some fruit or grain.