Beneficial Insects


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Bonide Solutions:
Earthworms live in warm, moist soil throughout the world. Earthworms can be found in many different sizes. The smallest earthworm can be only one millimeter long and the longest can be eleven feet long!
Earthworms are great recyclers because they take food scraps and other decaying matter in the soil and turn it into nutrients for plants. Whether it is humus (dead plant material) or food scraps, earthworms will eat all kinds of things that are soft to chew. This earthworm “food” is digested and then excreted back into the soil in a nutrient-rich matter. These nutrients are great for the soil and enable the plants to grow.
Earthworms also dig through soil and mix it up. Particles called sands, silts, and clays make up most of the mineral content of soils. As earthworms dig, they loosen up the soil and mix different types of soil so plants have a better environment to grow in. Earthworms also provide air passages for soil, which help plants grow. Other organisms found in soil include plant roots, insects, and small mammals.