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Horse Lice

Horse Lice
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Horses and donkeys may be infested by 2 species of lice, the horse sucking louse, the horse biting louse. Normally is found at the roots of the forelock and mane, around the base of the tail, and on the hairs just above the hoof. The sucking louse prefers the horses finer hairs of the body and is found on the sides of the neck, the flanks, and the base of the tail.

Lice are wingless, flattened insects, usually about long 1/16 inches long. The claws of the legs are adapted for clinging to hairs or feathers.

Louse eggs or nits are glued to hairs of animal near the skin surface and are pale, translucent in appearance. The three nymph stages, of increasing size, are smaller than adults but otherwise resemble them in habits and appearance. About 3-4 weeks are required to complete one generation, but this varies with species.