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Gnat(s), Eye

(grass flies, eye flies, and fruit flies)

Gnat(s), Eye
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Gnats on the farm are found around aquatic or semi aquatic habitats, like mud or moist soil around streams, ponds, and marshes. Biting gnats ( about 0.04 inches long) and, like black flies, inflict painful bites and suck the blood of both people and livestock.

Some species can lay up to 450 eggs per batch and as many as seven batches in a lifespan. Eggs typically hatch within two to 10 days of being laid; time to hatch is dependent on the species and temperatures.

The larvae are worm-like, creamy white. Larvae develop through four developmental stages; the first developmental stage, larvae possess a functional spine-bearing pro-leg. Pupal color can be pale yellow to light brown to dark brown. The adults are gray and less than 1/8 inch long.