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Bonide Solutions:
"Borers are the larvae of certain moths and beetles. There are many different kinds of borers such as flatheaded, roundheaded, and shothole. Some famous borers are the Emerald Ash Borer and peach tree borer. No matter what kind of borer, they tunnel, or bore, under the bark of living wood to feed. Borers destroy the phloem which transports water and nutrients in the plants. This causes girdling, branch die back, structural weakness, and decline then eventual death of plants. Infestation sites also provide entry points for other insects and diseases to invade.
Keeping trees vigorously growing through proper cultural controls will allow them to produce resin that can kill certain borers before too much damage is done. Weak trees do not exude resin, and are more likely to die from borers. Proper water management, not having water stressed trees, along with a fertilizer program is important to prevent borers. In addition, promptly prune and burn infested limbs and branches. If left the branches can serve as a breeding area for the insects.