(Henbit Deadnettle, Greater Henbit)

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Seedling Cotyledons (seed leaves) are oval to nearly round, with a round to sharply lobed base, and a squared to slightly indented tip. They have smooth edges and hairy stalks. The first and subsequent leaves are somewhat hairy and broadly oval, with a lobed base, depressed veins, and rounded teeth on the edge.

Mature plants can grow to 1.3 feet (0.4 m) tall. Stems are square in cross-section and often branch near the base. Leaves are roughly 2/5 to 1 inch (1–2.5 cm) long, sparsely hairy, and broadly egg shaped or heart shaped to nearly round. Middle and upper leaves are stalkless with lobed to truncate bases, a rounded tip, and a round-toothed to weakly lobed edge. Lower leaves are on stalks.