Plant Diseases

Water Mold Root Rot

Water Mold Root Rot
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Bonide Solutions:
Members of this group of fungi (various species of Phytophthora and Pythium) thrive when water stands too long around plant roots. The rot invades the roots and moves up the stems, sometimes girdling them at or below ground level. A dark discoloration is usually visible between healthy and infected tissue. The disease is very common in irrigated areas of California and the arid Southwest.

Target: Many plants.

Damage: Leaf color usually dulls; leaves may yellow and wilt. The plant loses vigor and sometimes dies, either quickly or over the course of months.

Control: Soil solarization, improving drainage, proper planting and watering.

Notes: There is no cure, so concentrate on prevention. Plant at the right depth in well-drained soil; provide only enough moisture for healthy growth.