Baits and Repellents


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Bonide Solutions:
Only a few types, notably crows, black birds, house sparrows and starlings, make pests of themselves at certain times. If you notice birds pecking at crops, take preventative measures before your feathered friends decide to designate the garden as a permanent feeding station. Geese may also damage turf and leave unsightly deposits.

Target: Seeds, tender young plants, corn, fruit.

Damage: Holes are pecked into leaves. Seeds and seedlings may disappear completely. Ripe fruit is partially eaten. Turf is pulled up.

Control: Repellents

Notes: Reflectors, fluttering objects, and scarecrows may reduce damage briefly, but birds soon learn to ignore such devices. For a more effective deterrent, protect seedlings in row covers or wire mesh screens, and drape bird netting over fruit trees and berry bushes. Use materials with approximately ½ inch diameter holes and secure all edges. Suspend netting well away from plants; otherwise, birds will peck at the fruit right through it.
To protect grapes, enclose each cluster in a paper bag (cut a few small holes in the bags for air circulation).

Observe pesky birds to see what habitats they prefer, then change or eliminate those areas. For example if crows like to congregate on a brush pile, clear it away. It’s helpful to eliminate weeds, since these plant’s seeds attract some birds.