General Nuisance Pests


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Bat Magic
Some bats temporarily roost behind shutters, under wood shingle siding and roofing, roof gutters, awnings, trim with overhang, under flashing around chimneys which has separated or loosened from the solid structure, open garages, patios, porches, breezeways, open livestock shelters, and under sheets of tar paper. Shutters on brick houses are especially attractive as day roosts for transient bats in migration and for bachelor males. In exceptionally hot weather, females may abandon an attic and reside behind shutters. Big brown bats are partial to roosting behind the trim below roofs of houses.
When a colony of bats occupies a building, the accumulation of droppings and the odor of bat urine are objectionable. Bat droppings are the size of mouse droppings, crumble easily, usually are shiny black, irregular in shape and contain insect fragments; they accumulate below the walls and rafters where bats roost. Bat squeaks and the rustling noise they make as they enter or leave the roosts may also be bothersome to the building's occupants.