Larvae of Carrot Rust Flies

Bonide Solutions

Dragoon Dust with copper

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Carrot Rust Fly produce creamy white larvae that tunnel into the roots of certain plants. Mainly carrot, celery, parsley, parsnip, dill, caraway, and fennel. The larvae turns to root maggots which eat the fine root hairs, then tunnel through the roots leaving them useless. The tunnels are filled castings/ maggot waste. Plants become stunted or die, and root crops are deformed and ruined if they survive. Injuries to the roots can then allow diseases to enter. After harvest, maggots feed on left over roots. Wait and plant late (after mid-June) to reduce severity of attacks. Plant resistant varieties try rotating what you type of plants you plant in that area.


It is a tiny insect and does not harm your carrot crop in the adult form. But when the insect lays eggs in May to June on top of the soil, it hatches within a few days and the larva, tunnel down under the surface of the soil to the roots, feeding and living in the vegetables.