Fusarium Wilt
Fusarium Wilt
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Most active in warm soils, this soil-borne fungal disease plugs a plant's water conducting vessels, Each of the many fusarium strains attacks a narrow range of hosts; the afflicted plants are primarily herbaceous rather than woody. Spores can survive in the soil for about 10 years.

Target: Many plants, although each strain is specific to only a few hosts.

Damage: Leaves and stems wilt, turn yellow, and eventually die. A plant may initially show symptoms on just one side or one branch.

Control: Resistant varieties, soil solarization, crop rotation, timed plantings, sanitation.

Notes: Because the spores can survive so long in the soil, a very lengthy rotation is needed. Plant peas and other cool season crops as early as possible, so the plants can mature before the fungi become active. Dig up and destroy infected plants. Remove infected soil and replace with clean soil.