Crown Gall
Crown Gall
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Tumor-like growths near the soil line on a plants roots of stem are telltale signs of this bacterial disease. Plants aren't always seriously harmed, but they often look horrid. The bacteria can survive in the soil or on dead tissue for 2 to 3 years.

Target: Rose-family plants, chrysanthemums, marigolds, euonymus, and many other plants.

Damage: Plants are usually weakened or stunted. Even if the galls don’t damage the host plant directly, they may split apart and invite attack by other pests.

Control: Resistant varieties or treated plants, soil solarization. Lawn granules.

Notes: Ask for plants treated with the microbial pesticide Agrobacterium radiobacter, or buy the pesticide from a garden supplier and apply it yourself. Avoid wounding plants when cultivating the soil around them. Destroy infected plants. Remove surrounding soil and replace with clean soil.