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Acidic SoilAcidic Soil (Lawns)Air PollutionAlgaeAlkaline or Waterlogged SoilAlternaria Leaf SpotAnthracnose SpotAphids, Scales, or other sucking insectsArborvitae LeafminerArborvitae WeevilsAsiatic Garden BeetleAsparagus MinerAspen RootsAster LeafhoppersAster Yellows
Bacterial CankerBacterial Leaf SpotBacterial Soft RotBacterial SpotBad place for plantBark ScaleBasswood LeafminerBean AphidsBean Leaf BeetleBeet LeafhopperBiennial CycleBirch LeafminersBirch SkeletonizerBlack Blister Beetle Black Citrus AphidsBlack KnotBlack LegBlack LineBlack RotBlack Turfgrass Ataenius GrubBlack Turfgrass BeetleBlack Vine Weevils Bleeding Necrosis (fungus)Blight (bacterial)Blight (fungus)Blossom BlightBlossom DropBlossom End RotBoltingBorersBotryosphaeria-Ribis (bacterial)Bottom RotBoxwood MitesBoxwood WebwormsBronze Birch BorerBrown Leaf Spot (fungus)Brown RotBrown Rot GummosisBudwormBulb RotBulbs OldBulbs Planted Too ShallowBuried WoodButtoning
Cabbage AphidsCabbage MaggotsCabbage WormsCamellia ScalesCanker (fungus) Canker Stain (fungus)Caterpillar of Artichoke Plum MothCaterpillar of Codling MothCaterpillar of Gypsy MothCaterpillar of Holly Bud MothCaterpillar of Sunflower MothCaterpillar of The Cypress MothCaterpillar of Tussock MothCaterpillar Pitch MothCaterpillarsCedar Tree BorersCelery LeaftierCelery WormChanges In Soil, Humidity, Temp., FertilizerChard Blue Mold (spanish downy mildew)Chemical spills- Pesticides, gasoline, lime and fertilizersCherry Fruit WormCherry Leaf SpotChipmunkChlorosisCitrus Mealy bugCitrus Red MiteCitrus Rust MitesCitrus ScabCitrus ThripsCitrus WhiteflyClematis BorersClematis WiltClub RootCold DamageCold TemperaturesCold WeatherCommon Stalk BorerCompacted SoilCompacted Soil, poor soil conditions, heavy clay soilCorm ScabCorn RootwormCorn SmutCotoneaster WebwormCottony Cushion ScalesCottony Maple Leaf ScalesCreeping CharlieCrowded PlantsCrowded RootsCrowded/Arid soilCrown RotCultural ConditionsCultural StressCurly DwarfCurly TopCytospora Canker
Deodar WeevilsDiamondback Moth CaterpillarDichondraDieback (fungus)Diplodia-Tip-Blight (fungal)Dog UrineDogwood Borers Dogwood declineDroughtDrought StressDry Rot
Eastern Gall RustElm Phloem Necrosis (viral)Engraver BeetleEnvironmental ProblemsEuropean Pine Shoot Borer
Few Male BlossomsFig RustFire Blight (bacterial)Flat Headed BorerFlower ThripsFoliar NematodesFour Lined Plant BugFreeze InjuryFrost DamageFruit Fly LarvaeFruit RotFuller Rose BeetleFungal DiseasesFungal Leaf SpotFusarium Basal RotFusarium Ear Rot
Gall AphidsGall FlyGall InsectsGall MitesGall Rust (fungus)GallsGarden SpringtailGiant Bark AphidsGreasy SpotGreen Stink BugsGummy Stem Blight (black rot)
Hawthone LacebugHawthorne Rust (fungus)Hickory Bark BeetlesHickory Borers Hickory LeafrollersHigh Humidity Holly Berry MidgeHoneysuckle AphidHoneysuckle Leaf BlightHorseradish Flea BeetleHot Weather
Immature PlantsImported Crucifer WeevilsImported Willow Leaf BeetleImproper PruningImproper WateringInadequate FertilizationIron ChlorosisIron DeficiencyIrregular Pine Scale
Juniper Blight (fungus)Juniper Scale
Lack of EnergyLack of LightLack of MoistureLack of PollinationLarch CasebearerLarch SawflyLarvae of Caribbean Fruit FlyLarvae of Carrot Rust FliesLarvae of Cherry Fruit FlyLarvae of Codling MothLarvae of Gypsy MothLarvae Of Narcissus Bulb FlyLarvae of Tussock MothsLarvae Of Violet SawfliesLate/Early FrostLawn MossLeaf Blight (bacterial)Leaf Blight (fungus)Leaf Blister (fungus)Leaf Blotch (fungus)Leaf Cast (fungus)Leaf Gall (fungus)Leaf MoldLeaf MottleLeaf Scorch (Marginal leaf burn)Leaf Streak FungusLeaf-tier moth larvaeLemon Brown RotLesser Corn Stalk BorerLichensLilac BorersLilac Leaf MinersLilac ScaleLinden Leaf BeetleLocust BorersLocust LeafminerLongtailed Mealy bugLoopersLow Light
Maple Anthracnose (fungus)Masked Chafer LarvaMelonwormsMidgesMildew (fungus)Mimosa WebwormsMineral DeficiencyMoisture ProblemsMoisture StressMold (soft rot)MoldsMooseMottled Willow Borers
Narcissus Yellow Stripe Virus Natural HabitNaval Orange WormNecrotic FleckNectria Canker (fungus)Need ColdNeed male & female plantsNeedle Cast (fungus)Needle Rust (fungus)Needs FertilizerNeeds PruningNematodesNitrogen DeficiencyNormalNormal AgingNormal Die OutNot Enough WaterNutgrass
Oak MitesOedemaOld AgeOnion MaggotOnion ThripsOrange Dog CaterpillarOrange Tortrix CaterpillarOver FertilizedOver HarvestedOver-Mature PodsOvercrowdingOverfeedingOverspreadOystershell ScalesOzone Pollution
Parsnip LeafminerParsnip WebwormPatch, SummerPatch, Take AllPeach Shot Hole BorerPeach Tree BorerPear Leaf Blister MitesPear Slug (Sawfly)Pear ThripsPecan Cigar Casebearers Penicillium Corm RotPetal BlightPhomopsis Gall Phosphorus DeficiencyPhyllisPhyllosticta Leaf Spot (fungus)Physical InjuryPhytophthora Rot (fungus)PicklewormsPine Bark AphidsPine Bark BeetlePine DeclinePine Needle ScalePine SpittlebugsPine WebwormsPine Wilt (fungus)Pink RotPlant Has Set SeedPlant Too YoungPlanted too far north of its planting zonePool Gall MidgePoor DrainagePoor FertilityPoor PollinationPoor Root DevelopmentPoor Soil ConditionsPoplar CurculioPotassium DeficiencyPotato Flea BeetlesPotato LeafhoppersPotato Leafroller Potato PsyllidsPrivet Rust MitePruned Too Late
Redhumped CaterpillarsReproductive CellsRhizoctoniaRhododendron BorerRhubarb CurculioRing Spot VirusRodent InjuryRodentsRoot CompetitionRoot Knot NematodesRoot Mealy bugsRoot NematodesRoot Rot (fungus)Rose CurculioRose GallRose LeafhoppersRose LeafrollersRose MidgeRose Mosaic/StreaksRose ScaleRose SlugsRose Stem Girdler
Salt DamageSassafras WeevilsScab, AppleScab, PearScurfScurfy ScaleSeed MitesSeedling From Wrong Part Of CountrySelf-SeedingShoestring Root Rot (fungus)Skin breaksSlime Flux (bacterial)SlugsSmaller European Bark BeetleSmut (fungus)Soft ScaleSoil Is Too AlkaineSoil May Be Too FertileSoil ProblemsSoil to AlkalineSoil Too RichSoil Too Wet/DrySouthern ArmywormsSowbug & PillbugSpinach LeafminerSpores For ReproductionSpotted Cucumber BeetleSpotted Wilt (fungus)Spring Dead SpotSpring SicknessSpruce BudwormSpruce Gall AphidsSpruce Needle MinersSpruce Spider MiteStem BorersStem CankerStem InjuryStem RotStinging Rose CaterpillarStored ImproperlyStrawberry Spider MiteSummer DormancySun ScorchSunburnSunscaldSweat BeeSweet Potato Flea BeetleSweet Potato WeevilSycamore, American
Tar Spot (fungus)Tarnish Plant BugsTip BlightTomato HornwormToo Close to Black Walnut TreeToo HotToo Much ShadeToo Much SunToo Much WaterTreehoppersTulip Fire/Botrytis DiseaseTwig BlightTwig Canker (fungus)Twig Pruner
Various BeetlesVarious BlightsVarious Plant StressesVarious VirusesVegetable WeevilViburnum Borers
Walnut Anthracnose (fungus)Walnut Blight (bacteria)Walnut CaterpillarsWatery Soft RotWeak WoodWeather ConditionsWebwormsWestern Gall RustWhite Mold (sclerotinia)White Pine WeevilsWhite RotWhite RustWillow BorersWillow HornwormsWillow Leaf BeetlesWillow Scab (fungus)Willow WeedWilt (fungus)Wind BurnWind ChillWinter BurnWinter/Snow/Ice DamageWitch Hazel Gall AphidWitches' Broom (fungus)Wood RotWooly AdelgidWooly Aphids
Yellow PatchYoung, over fertilized/pruned
Zinc Deficiency